Writing Exercises

Each month at the group we’ll set a new exercise to inspire some writing. Always optional, these tasks are designed to start you off at that difficult ’empty-page’ stage, and allow enough freedom for you to take your writing wherever you want in terms of genre and tone. Whether you write 200 words or 2000 words, these pieces will form the basis of discussion at the next group.

1 First and last sentence

This exercise was set on a creative writing course I attended at university. Massive, important portions of my life at university seem to be missing from my memory, but these sentences have stuck with me, which I suppose must count for something.

So, the task is to write a piece beginning with one of the following sentences and ending with the other. It’s up to you which way round.

On the other side of the door the whispering had stopped.

The boat drifted gently out to sea.

Have fun!

2 Random sentences

At the end of the first meeting we plucked three books from the wonderfully-curated shelves of local bookshop Phlox, flicked through the pages and picked three random sentences for this month’s exercise.

Choose one and use it as the basis for a piece of writing. You could use the sentence itself as in exercise 1 or just take inspiration for story, theme, character, tone…

the sun is importing its vitamin D directly onto her skin

The odd thing is that none of these studies show any detrimental correlation between hangovers and the ability to prioritize and multitask.

Shawn felt the chewed mash of meat and batter and gravy turn to a hot gluey knot in his stomach.

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