This is the first piece I read out at the first group last Monday. Not sure why I decided against reading The Conduit, the piece I posted previously. I wrote it very quickly and it seemed to go over ok. I appreciated the comments pushing me towards being more explicit about the nature of theContinue reading “Creature”

Devil in the detail

The thing about a period setting is all the research. I should clarify that. I’m not spending days on end in the British library reading rooms poring over any dusty tomes. I have a job and two small kids. No, my research is more of the ‘Googling “What sort of trousers did they wear inContinue reading “Devil in the detail”

Poor old Paris

In an interview on 6 Music the other day, Phoebe Waller-Bridge likened talking about your writing to ‘drinking your own bathwater’. Everyone should probably listen to and live by everything she says so I am loathed to do much introducing or picking apart of what I’m going to share in this post. But then again,Continue reading “Poor old Paris”

Untitled fantasy tosh

Some of these posts, I’ve decided, will be stuff I’ve written previously that I think might deserve an airing. This one is the opening of a sprawling fantasy epic that failed to sprawl a few years ago. The concept was consciously archetypal fantasy, multi-stranded and featuring trolls and humans. And maybe elves. I worked itContinue reading “Untitled fantasy tosh”